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Elevate your game with our comprehensive range of digital and electronic scoreboards and score keeping systems. From small indoor scoreboards to large outdoor LED displays and more.

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Discover the best in electronic and digital scoreboards with HiTech Sports. We bring you state-of-the-art solutions from globally acclaimed manufacturers Bodet Sport. Whether it’s a sleek LED scoreboard or a convenient wireless shot clock, we have just what you’re looking for.

As certified FIBA scoreboard and video systems suppliers, Bodet Sport boast over four decades of expertise in designing and crafting scoreboards for a wide range of sports facilities, from primary school gymnasiums to FIBA Certified Sports Stadiums. Our diverse range of scoring equipment can be used as basketball scoreboards, netball scoreboards, rugby scoreboards, Football scoreboards and more.

As dedicated suppliers of these globally acclaimed brands, we understand the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each scoreboard, all of which meet our stringent HiTech quality standards. Explore our extensive range below, or reach out to our friendly team today for a personalised quote and expert guidance.

Bodet Sport Scoreboard Range

Bodet Sport is an internationally recognised FIBA certified scoreboard and video system supplier renowned worldwide for its innovative technologies and unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products.

Within the Bodet Scoreboard Systems, you’ll discover a diverse selection of high-quality time measurement and scorekeeping tools perfectly tailored to suit sporting facilities of all sizes. This includes a comprehensive range of high-impact cases (lab tested to DIN 18032-3), wireless connectivity, and the celebrated Scorepad colour touch screen controller (on select models). 

With pre-programmed options for over 25 sports and user-friendly operation, Bodet’s scoreboard systems cater to a wide range of use-cases and is the perfect solution for state primary school gymnasiums up to FIBA Certified Sports Stadiums.


Bodet Sport Scoreboards Supplier
Bodet FIBA Equipment & Venue Partner
Bodet Colour Touch Screen Scorepad

Bodet Electronic & Digital Scoreboards 

Product Overview

Bodet Scoreboards are renowned for their durable steel frames and sleek black acrylic front covers, combining timeless design with a modern finish. Built and tested according to DIN 18032-3 standards for safety against impacts and ball throwing, these scoreboards boast high-power SMD LEDs with a 10-year warranty, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity.

Weather and Environment
Indoor scoreboards & Outdoor Scoreboards

  • Bodet digital and electronic scoreboards are built to endure various environmental conditions
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Exceptional visibility in direct sunlight
  • Wide viewing angle of up to 170°
  • Outdoor scoreboards have a weatherproof design makes these electronic scoreboards ideal for diverse climates and weather (warm, cold, dry, or humid)

Visual Features

  • Unique digit sizes and cutting-edge SMD LED technology
  • Clear visibility from all distances
  • Character heights ranging from 12 to 30cm for optimal visibility for spectators
  • Multiple diodes for each character for enhanced brightness
  • Ideal for long-distance viewing

Scoreboard Text Display Messages

  • Customisable electronic team names available in select Bodet scoreboards
  • Personalised team name displays such as “HiTech Hotshots U19” vs. “HiTech Hell Raisers U19”
  • Text display feature for dynamic messages, including player names, game reminders, and live updates
  • User-friendly software for easy customisation and management
  • USB-compatible Scorepad enables computer upload for seamless control of your electronic scoreboard

Unique Features

  • Bodet digital scoreboards and shotclocks come standard with wireless connectivity only requiring a power source
  • Easy upgrades available through USB connection for rule changes, updates and game adaptations
  • Seamless integration and data management capabilities
  • Ability to record and track player statistics, points, and fouls during the game
  • Data download for further analysis and record-keeping

Models Available

  • Comprehensive range of indoor scoreboard and outdoor scoreboard models catering to various display needs and configurations
  • Compact indoor scoreboards with sirens available
  • FIBA Level One boards with advanced features such as player names, numbers, points, and fouls
  • Larger, high-visibility outdoor scoreboards suitable for expansive sports fields
  • Some scoreboard models can offer a solar power option for outdoor use

Find the right option for you.

Our team are here to help you select the perfect scorekeeping solution tailored to your facility’s unique requirements.

Indoor Scoreboard Options

Outdoor Scoreboard Options

Baseline Outdoor Scoreboard SBO25-A
Baseline Outdoor Scoreboard SBO25-A
Baseline Outdoor Scoreboard SBO45-A 450mm Digits
Baseline Outdoor Scoreboard SBO45-A 450mm Digits
Essentials Range SBO25-B 250mm Digits
Essentials Range SBO25-B 250mm Digits
SBO25-B with Solar Power Option SBO25-B with Solar Power Option
Essentials Range SBO45-B 450mm Digits
Essentials Range SBO45-B 450mm Digits
Stadia Range SBO25-C 250mm Digits
Stadia Range SBO25-C 250mm Digits
Stadia Range SBO45-C 450mm Digits
Stadia Range SBO45-C 450mm Digits
Wireless Pocket Keyboard Controller Wireless Pocket Keyboard Controller

Bodet Wireless Shot Clocks & Accessories

Product Overview

Enhance your sporting experience with Bodet’s range of wireless shot clocks and related accessories. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Bodet scoreboards, these shot clocks offer efficient time management and game control. Ranging from compact systems with 210mm high digits to larger setups with advanced features such as game time display, Bodet provides versatile solutions for different sporting events.

Connectivity & Setup

  • Wireless shot clocks requiring only a GPO (General Purpose Outlet) for power
  • Easy installation and minimal setup time
  • Convenient wireless connectivity without the need for complex wiring
  • Seamless integration with existing sporting infrastructure

Installation & Mounting Options

  • Effortless mounting using Bodet’s custom mounting brackets
  • Various scoreboard and shot clock installation options available, including rear wall, behind the glass backboard, or above the backboard on the mast
  • Strategically positioned shot clocks for easy game monitoring
  • Optimal visibility and functionality for referees, players, and spectators

Backboard LED Lights

  • FIBA-standard backboard LED lights for professional competitions
  • Designed for end-of-period and shot time signalling
  • Adds a professional touch to any sports court
  • Clear visual cues for players and spectators
  • Ideal for official FIBA games, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the sporting event.


  • Practical score benches with a simple folding table design
  • Wrap-around front pad for maximum player protection
  • Comfortable and organised space for scorekeepers and officials
  • Allows focus on the game without distractions
  • Facilitates a seamless game experience for all involved parties

Possession Arrows

  • Possession arrows clearly display ball possession for efficient gameplay and streamlined game management 
  • Enhances the flow of the game and minimises confusion
  • Practical and user-friendly design for easy operation
  • Cutting-edge shot clocks and accessories for an enhanced and professional sporting experience
  • Designed to elevate the experience for players, officials, and spectators

Scoreboard and Scorekeeping Extras


LED backboard SC-LED LED backboard perimeter light array
Red LEDs End of Period and Yellow LEDs for end of Shot Time as per new rules. Required for all FIBA level 1 & 2 competition.
Posession Arrow SB-PA Possession arrows to indicate which side is in possession of the ball making the game easier to follow for viewers, commentators, scorekeepers and referees.
SBST18 Portable stadium score table with folding mechanism and cushioning.
Available in various colours, measuring 1800mm.
Shotclock mounting bracket SCBKT Shotclock Mounting Bracket
A durable support used to hold the shot clock securely in place above the basketball hoop or around the court. It is adjustable and crucial for accurate timekeeping during games.

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At HiTech, our scoreboards are the perfect solution for a range of sporting complexes and games including but not limited to indoor basketball, outdoor basketball, rugby, volleyball, netball, and more.

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