Our group were proud to recently receive an International Excellence Award from Connor Sport Court (manufacturer of PowerGame) as one of their leading distributors around the world.

This is a prestigious honour, and the second time since 2011 that such an award has been bestowed on our team by Sport Court.

It adds to the recognition we have received from other suppliers with similar programs in the past. This includes companies such as Porter (2010 International Dealer of the Year) and Gared (2011 International Dealer of the Year) who between them have supplied our FIBA certified Basketball systems for many years.

Such recognition from our international partners is an indication of the hard work that we put into our relationships, and the emphasis we place on a quality delivery of their products to ensure the best possible results for our customers.

We select our partners extremely carefully, and generally require referrals from their other customers around the world, face to face meetings with the management and where possible a factory visit before we take on their product so we know the product and the company are of the highest standard.

As a result of this extremely detailed due diligence process, we have known or dealt with the majority of our partners for over 10 years, and maintain extremely close connections with them to ensure product quality. Thankfully as a result, we have only revoked supply arrangements twice in the last 6 years for quality reasons which minimises potential inconvenience for our clients.