Hitech Sports is Honoured to receive the Sports And Play Industry Association 1st place for Sports Equipment Installations for the 6th year running! The SAPIA National Conference for 2022 took place last week in Brisbane. This consists of a night of networking followed by a day of information. As per the past 5 years it’s been a great honour for HiTech Sports to participate in the running for the 6th time. The SAPIA awards are more than just a way to prove our products and installs are of the very top quality; they give us as an ever-improving company the chance to learn, observe and network with a vast number of people in our field. Thanks for Having us again Sports And Play Industry Association!

Look at our first-place winner for Sports Equipment Installations – South Pine Sports Centre Queensland. This space is warm and bright with light colours featuring prominently and the sleek dark Dividing curtains, roof and Backstops themselves in order to add much needed contrast. For this greatly successful project, HiTech Sports had the privilege of installing:

Six Stadia Roof Mounted GARED Basketball Backstops, all FIBA Level Two Certified.
Six Stadia Height Adjustable Backboard Motors.
Two between courts Stadia Dividing Curtains.
All backstops and curtains controlled by our TSC1500XL Touch Screen Controller.
Six large Scoreboards, Shot clocks and LED Perimeter Backboard lights, all FIBA Level Two Certified.
Aluline Aluminium Badminton Post systems.
Aluline Aluminium Netball systems.
Gared Elite Volleyball Systems with Umpire Stands.
Aluminium Futsal Goals.
Fire Retardant Column Padding.

When it comes to our sports equipment, the range installed at South Pine is truly top of the range and the peak of Sports venue innovation.

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