reversable basketball netball towers







Court builders love our BNB24 reversible basketball/netball towers as they are fast to assemble, easy to transport to site and adaptable on site. Two installers can easily stand them up, assemble them without machinery and still have time to head off to another job at lunchtime.

HiTech Sports was the first to introduce this type of basketball tower to the industry and while others are trying to copy, the fibreglass backboard, 150mm post, Teflon base disc and the heavy duty design will leave them wallowing in the suburbs. The fibreglass backboard will not split or delaminate like the plywood boards or leach tannin stains onto the court. The board will last many years without requiring recoating but more importantly offers the true ball rebound with spring. Net ties on the netball ring are standard.

Another innovative product appreciated by those who work with sports equipment.