Our good friends at Connor Sport Court International, the largest supplier of premium sports surfaces in the world recently announced that they were asked by FIBA to become their official Technical Partner in the area of sports surfacing.

This partnership puts CSCI in a unique position of being the ONLY supplier of sports surfaces anywhere in the world specifically RECOMMENDED for Basketball.

This relationship was developed over time with CSCI consistently proving to FIBA that not only did they have the world’s best surfaces for Basketball, but just as importantly the best back of house teams in terms of research and development, quality control and a Global sales network to be able to effectively support the development of Basketball in every continent.

Such an announcement comes as no surprise to us having worked with CSCI and having seen thousands of square meters of their synthetic surfaces installed in QLD

in this time. We have also been well aware of their renowned leadership in the sports surfacing arena over this time, and because of the long history of the organisation, and their worldwide recognition as the best surfacing company we have sought their partnership Down Under.

Connor timber floors will be used in the next World Championships in Spain in 2014, and Sport Court has again been asked to provide surfaces for the exciting and expanding 3×3 World Tour with the latest generation PowerGame surface.

Their systems are also sought after for numerous other sports including international level Handball, Volleyball, Badminton and Futsal. National level agreements for Netball also exist, but IFNA do not yet have a testing system for sporting infrastructure.